We finally got our puppy! She is a cavachon and we have decided to name her Lily. Her mom is a Bichon Frise and her dad is a Caviler King Charles Spaniel. She weighs 2 lbs now at 6 weeks and should be around 10 lbs full grown. We are all in love, especially Avery. She goes around calling "Lileeeeeee" and making kissing sounds. Dawson and Caleb are learning all about taking care of a new puppy.
Our first night home and Lily has found her a new spot on David's feet.

The purse at the bottom of this pic is a fur real friends purse that came with a toy dog. I have to keep an eye on Avery because she keeps trying to put Lily in the purse!
Puppy kisses
I promise I am not putting her in the purse!
Playing fetch

Celebrating a Decade

On January 10th, we celebrated a milestone in our house. Dawson turned 10! It is hard to believe my baby is now a decade old and about an inch taller than I am. He is such a great kid and a joy to all of us. We are always so proud of him and everything he does. Happy Birthday Dawson! You are loved more than you will ever know!

Dawson asked to go to The Melting Pot for his birthday dinner. Nana was nice enough to keep Caleb and Avery. We enjoyed a nice dinner with just the three of us.
The fun continues with a party at Incredible Pizza. Notice in the pics Dawson invited all boys...ten of them. The kids had a lot of fun, but it was wild!
Spinning the wheel for a birthday prize
Dancing to the birthday song
Hula Hoops
Not sure why, but I decided I would join in on the fun
Making a wish and blowing out the candles
Lots of cool presents
Caleb and Avery playing in the little kids area

Christmas 2008

We had a great Christmas this year. Dawson was extra excited this year and began waking me up around 3 Am to see if Santa came. We finally all got up at 6. It is so much fun to relive the excitement of Christmas with your kids. We traveled to Louisiana after Christmas to spend time with David's family and have Christmas with them. It was a lot of fun.
Santa left lots of goodies!
I am sure Avery wondered why we were getting up so early!
Dawson inspecting his Biggio rookie card. I think it was his favorite present.
Avery got the hang of it pretty quick
Caleb with his V smile motion. Every time he opened a gift he would say "Now that's what I'm talking about" It was so funny!
Uncle Layton and Avery opening gifts
Parker slept through all of the excitement. Avery and Caleb were happy to help open his presents

Christmas at Maw Faye's house in Louisiana

The Stafford clan waiting patiently as David hands out presents.

Happy New Year!

Things have been a little crazy around our house (what's new?) since the holidays. We had a great Christmas, a trip to LA to visit the fam, Dawson is a decade old (I still don't believe it), we got a new puppy, a new semester for me (yuck), and to top it off we are putting our house on the market pretty soon....I have spent the last two weeks boxing and donating nine years worth of goodies! We hope to find something in the spring or summer with four bedrooms so everyone has their own space. I will post pics of all the fun soon...especially our new puppy, she is adorable!

Disney Pics at Last!

Here are just a few of the 500 or so pics we took at Disney World.
Check out the boys cool face paint.
Meeting Tigger
The Whole Gang
Caleb and Handy Manny
Dawson is such a great big brother.
The three amigos and Mickey
Animal Kingdom
My kind of gingerbread house! A tiki hut bar complete with a gingerbread bartender serving up Jack Daniels.
Avery fell asleep before we made it to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party
Caleb and Austin wating to go into the party at Magic Kingdom
Avery loved the Small World Ride
Ashlee and Dawson at the Hoop de doo
Austin and Caleb loved the Hoop de doo Review. I spent most of the time watching the two of them giggle instead of watching the show.
Ahoy Mates!
Our Pirates...Dawson, Austin, and Caleb returning from their pirate adventure
My boys and Mickey
Getting Lilo's Autograph
Caleb and Stitch at the Ohana Breakfast at our hotel
Caleb playing Kung Fu at the Japanese World Showcase in Epcot
Caleb and I on the Finding Nemo Ride
Smile Dawson