Visiting the Meier Family

We have really missed Ms. JoLynn and Evan. The kids and I rode up to visit Monday. They had a blast playing in the lake, eating pizza and meeting the neighbors. I am trying to convince David to move to the lake next year. It is really nice up there!
Evan and Avery playing with Evan's soccer goal

Dawson loved skipping rocks
Avery feeling the sand for the first time
Caleb loved the water. We are going to bring our swimsuits next time!
Dawson, Jean, Avery, Caleb, Evan and JoLynn. What a crew!

Fun at Kemah Boardwalk

We decided to take the kids on a surprise trip to Kemah. They had a blast on the rides. Caleb played on the playground while Avery napped and Dawson and David rode the Joe's Crab Shack Beast boat ride. We finished the evening with a fun dinner at the Aquarium Restaurant.
Dawson riding the hot shot.
The boys on the crazy submarine
Caleb playing at the playground
We ate dinner at The Aquarium restaurant
Caleb and Avery posing for a pic
Dawson and David on the swing ride
Smile Avery!
Riding the train

Memorial Weekend Fun

David's brother Dwayne and his family visited us from Louisiana Memorial weekend. We had a great time and the kids really enjoyed playing with their cousins Ashlee Rae and Austin. It was a very busy weekend with lots of Rock Band playing, Wii golf and sports, a trip to Main Event, an Astros game for the dads and big kids, shopping for mom, Aunt Kathy, Crystal and Avery, and swimming at our neighborhood pool.
Austin and Caleb
Uncle D helping Caleb bowl
Is it a strike? Dawson was the only kid to bowl without bumpers (I was the only adult to use them)
Ashlee Rae
Avery is ready for her swimming debut. She was a little scared at first, but loved it after a few minutes
Poor Crystal did not have a chance. The picture is blurry, but the kids did not give her a moments peace in the pool

The kids had a jumping contest

~~Our All Star~~

The Giants had a disappointing loss to the Angels in the World Series game. We are sad to loose another championship game, but I am sure there are more to come. The baseball excitement is not over yet! We are thrilled that Dawson made All Stars! The tournament starts this week in Magnolia. I will hopefully have some better pics to post next week.

Dawson and Coach Robert at the World Series ceremony

My New Trick!

Avery has started putting her feet in between the crib rails and screaming for help. I sent Dawson in to check on her and as you see below, he got tangled in a mess of his own (named Caleb)!
I wonder who she is rooting for?