Please Mom, Can We Puhhhleeese Go To The Playground?

Caleb loves to go to the park and asks almost everyday. We are taking advantage of the nice weather, but it was tricky keeping Avery Grace in the shade. Woo-Hoo, We made it! This is fun
Watch me Mom
Too close, but I thought it was cute anyway
Having fun at the Park

Five Months and Counting

It is hard to believe my baby girl is already five months old. She is such a good baby and we are so blessed to have three beautiful, healthy kids. I am really enjoying every minute of being home with them, even the crazy ones! Avery has started scooting around and rolling all over the place. I put her in her crib on one end and come back to find her at the other end. I think she has decided to keep up with her brothers. She also has found her voice recently and likes to make lots of noise to get attention. I think my biggest lesson learned with three kids is to enjoy every second because each day they grow a little more and need you a little less!

Our First Playdate

We had a surprise visitor Monday! JoLynn and Evan came to visit. It was lots of fun and we look forward to many more playdates with Evan!
Avery trying to get closer to Evan
Aren't these the two cutest babies ever!

Pinewood Derby Race

Dawson and Caleb participated in the annual Cub Scout Pinewood Derby race. Dawson raced in the Bear Division and Caleb raced with the scout siblings in the Me Too division. Caleb's car came in first place out of 11 cars. He is really into anything with race cars right now, so winning the race was a huge deal for him.
Watching his super fast car

Dawson congratulating him as he receives his blue ribbon
The first place prize.

Happy Easter!

In all of the excitement Easter Sunday, this was one of the pics I took of Avery in her Easter outfit.

Louisiana Saturday Night~~Stafford Family Crawfish Boil

Avery hanging out
Beau, Karyn, Denise and Gene enjoy the crawfish
David and Tiffany

Dwayne and Tiffany stirring the pot