College Game Day! Geaux Tigers!!

Every year we count down to the start of LSU Football season. Once upon a time, David and I would load Dawson up and drive five hours to Baton Rouge (sometimes in the middle of the night) to see our Tigers play every time there was a home game. Now that we have three kiddos it is almost impossible to make it to a game. I am still praying we get a chance to make it to the Georgia game on my birthday this year. It should be a huge game! Game day is a big event at our house with lots of football watching and yelling at the TV all day. This year it is a little different because of Hurricane Gustav. The game was pushed up to 10:00 AM due to evacuations. Below are pics of the kids before the game. Caleb was not wanting to cooperate as I interrupted his cartoons to take pictures. All decked out in our LSU gear. Maybe two future Tigers and Golden Girl.
Avery is trying to escape. She really wanted to get down in the grass. Dawson showing the camera her bloomers say Geaux TigersMom, I am so hot! Can we please go inside? Notice Avery has figured out how to untie her dress at this point.
All Done!

After School Fun!

This is the first year I have been home with the kids after school. My neighbor and I are carpooling. She is a teacher at Caleb's school, so she transports him. This week was my week to pick up her kids and Dawson from Powell. Everyone wanted to come over and play Wednesday. Somehow I did not get any pictures of Jade. She was busy playing Caleb's V Smile while we were watching the Wii play. The kids had lots of fun. Avery and Emma
Avery playing the Wii
Caleb and Emma
Bryce and Dawson playing the Wii

The First Day of School

We had a great summer with lots of fun activities. Dawson went to Colorado with his Nana and cousins, Camp Good News, baseball camp at Legends, and robocamp at LSC. Caleb went to the summer program at his new school and soccer camp at church. Avery and I were a little lost Monday when school started back. She crawled around the house for a while looking for someone to play with. Dawson is in fourth grade which is the highest grade in his elementary school. He keeps reminding me of this and it is a big deal as they get to do Powell Patrol this year. Caleb is attending preschool five days a week at Grace Crossing Academy. He really likes it and loves going to big school like Dawson. We are all trying to adjust to a school schedule and earlier bedtime.
My handsome boys

Look out teachers!
Ready to go! With much discussion and contemplating Dawson decided he did not want us to walk him in, so we went through the car line.
Caleb in front of his new preschool, Grace Crossing Academy. Dawson would not let me take his pic in front of Powell Elementary. Too embarrassing were his exact words.

Indiana Caleb

Caleb has been obsessed with Indian Jones since January. David took both boys to see the movie this summer and they loved it. His Nana brought him an Indiana Jones hat from Colorado, but he would not wear it without an Indiana Jones whip. I finally found one at Wal-mart and he has been playing with it non-stop. Unfortunately for Dawson and I there is no volume button.

The Woodlands Childrens Museum

It has really been too hot to go outside lately. Lucky for me, our mall has a children's museum. The kids had a blast. I even let Avery crawl around for a little while. It was lots of fun.
Caleb in his dive shoes as he called them How red is my girl's hair? It is crazy. Dawson is a lot of help with her. I don't even have to ask him.
Who let the dogs out?
The race is on!
Oh Caleb! I think the boys is going to be an actor when he grows up.
Again, the kid loves to put on costumes
Thank goodness he did not get stuck in there!

I want to go where a kid can be a kid

David was off a few Fridays ago and we were hanging around the house. Caleb comes running in the living room and said these exact words, "Mom can we go where a kid can be a kid...can we go the Chuck E. Cheese's?" How could anyone say no to that! The kid watches too much TV.

They Grow Up Too Fast

I was going through the files on my computer and came across some old pics of the boys. It is unbelievable how much they have grown. These pictures are from 2005. It is also amazing how much Avery looks like Caleb and how much Caleb now looks like Dawson. Time really does fly when you are having fun!
The boys at Layton's wedding
Aren't we cute
Happy Halloween
Caleb did not like Santa

This is Great

I was playing on my computer and found this video from Caleb's first birthday. Look how little they were!!!