Fall Baseball 2008

Baseball is here again. This is Caleb's 1st year to play tball. He is having a lot of fun and we are having a lot of fun watching him. David and I forgot how crazy 3 and 4 year olds swinging bats around can be! Dawson is playing catcher for the 9/10 AAA Cubs. We are quickly learning how to split our time between two fields. We are also learning what is like to be at the ball field all weekend.
Caleb hitting the ball for the 1st time in his 1st game
Playing pitcher
Got his game face on!
Dawson in action

Avery's Christening

Keeping with tradition, we had Avery christened at Pine Ridge United Methodist Church in Louisiana. The boys were both christened their at two months old, but Avery is the third child. At least we made it before she was one! I was nervous about how she would do, but she loved being the center of attention. After the service, Pastor Smith passed her around the congregation while everyone sang Jesus Loves Me.
Avery loved being front and center
Dawson and Caleb joined us at the alter for the service.
Avery and Uncle D
The Gill Family. It is surreal for me to have my mom and dad in the same room, let alone the same picture! My dad has been very ill since the summer and it was really nice that he was able to be there for Avery's special day

The Stafford Family

Happy Birthday Maw Faye!!

David's mom celebrated her 70th birthday on October 9th. We went to New Orleans to celebrate the occasion. Dawson and Ashlee Rae were old enough to join us and were excited to be the only "grown up" kids. My mom kept Austin, Caleb, and Avery, so it gave me a little break too.
Aunt Kathy and Ashlee Rae
Ms. Georgia Faye laughing at us singing happy birthday
Me and my baby...who is now exactly five feet tall. One more inch and he and I will be even!
The good old days, as Dawson likes to put it...before siblings.

Congratulations Maegan and Jon!

On Sunday, August 31, my dear friend Maegan and her longtime sweetheart Jon were married. It was a really beautiful wedding and a great reception. As you can see from a few of the pics below, a good time was had by all (some of us too much). Congratulations Mae and Jon!
Cutting the cake
Partying during the reception
I did not realize Maegan was so tall!! She was a beautiful bride!