Rodeo Houston 2008--March 15th

On Saturday we went to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo at Reliant Stadium. David and I grew up around farm animals, but for our city boys, it was a big deal to see the livestock. The boys had a great time!
Riding the metro train on the way to the rodeo

Aren't they cute
A real Texas Longhorn
Posing in front of Elsie and petting a baby calf
A baby kangaroo which Caleb quickly told me was called a joey.
Waiting for the rodeo to start Looks like trouble!

Look who is already four months old

We had our four month check up this week. Avery weighs 13 lbs and 14 ozs. She has hit all of her milestones and is healthy. She has started rolling over and is sitting up very well with assistance. We got the all clear from the Dr. and began her on solids Thursday. We started with green beans and she really seems to like them. It is hard to believe she is already four months old!
I am always the center of attention.

We are having a new cousin!!!!!

My brother and his wife Katie have some great news to share. They are expecting their first child in early October. We are super excited and cannot wait for the new addition to our family!!!

Happy 4th Birthday Caleb Matthew!

Caleb turned 4 on March 4th. We celebrated with a family party at Chuck E Cheese. I am not sure if the adults or kids had more fun. Too bad there are no pics of Dawson beating me at basketball.

The birthday boy
Must be nice

Nana and Avery
I was surprised he wasn't scared. He reminded me that he is 4 now.
Uncle Layton and Dawson

We Love Dawson!!

Avery hangs on Dawson's every word.
A rare moment watching cartoons before we head to the baseball field. I thought this was really sweet!