Congratulations 9AAA Giants~2008 National League Champs!

The team before the game
Dawson showing off his gold medal. The Giants won a hard fought game against the Dodgers. They came from behind 0-9 to win 10-9. The team will play in the ORWALL World Series Thursday night for the title of 9AAA champions.

Cub Scout Bridging Over Ceromony

Dawson moves up in Cub Scout ranking becoming a Weebelo I Scout. He has one more ranking to earn before becoming a Boy Scout. Congratulations Dawson!

Read me a story Caleb

Things were quiet for a few minutes so I went to check it out. Caleb was "reading" Avery a story. It was really cute.

~~Happy Mothers Day 2008~~

David, Avery, Crystal, Jean, and Dawson at Perry's Steakhouse. We had a nice Mothers Day!
Caleb enjoying his dessert
Nana and Caleb
Nana and Avery
Something was funny (or maybe it was the Cajun Lattes)
Deciding what is for dessert
We decided on the warm chocolate cake. It was really good (and not on my diet)!
Avery and Crystal
After dinner we came home for an afternoon of Guitar Hero and Wii Sports

I Am Half a Year Old This Month!!

Our baby girl has made it to the six month mark. Avery has a new tooth and is working hard on a second one. This has meant a few weeks of sleepless nights for both of us, but she seems to be feeling better this week. She has also started sitting up and is getting on her hands and knees. She rocks back and forth as hard as she can, but so far has not managed to crawl. I am sure it will only be a few weeks before she is crawling after Dawson and Caleb. I am really looking forward to school being out in a few weeks and being able to be home this summer with the kids. I have lots of activities planned for us and I think we will have lots of fun. I will post pictures as soon as I can!!

Smiling for Mama!

I am a drooling machine!

Our Thursday Playdate

JoLynn and I have been having a regular playdate with the kids. It is nice to get out of the house and let Caleb burn off some of his never ending energy!

Evan and Avery enjoying nap time!

Caleb having all the fun!

Go 9AAA Giants!

Dawson is having a great season this spring. He plays catcher and has made several great plays this season earning him three game balls. His team has advanced to the National League championships!

Knock it out of the park
Talking strategy with the pitcher
Don't let anything get past you Dawson!

Caleb's Talent Show

Caleb and his classmates put on a talent show for the parents benefitting the March of Dimes Foundation. They sang lots of songs and danced for everyone.