Tummy Time!

I have lots of cool toys

Who is that beautiful girl?
Mom, quit with the flash already.
I am tired now....

Dawson Receives God and Me Certification

David and Dawson participated in a five week class where Dawson earned his God and Me certification. The kids received recognition during Harvest worship service in front of close to 600 people.

We are so proud of Dawson and his accomplishments. He has earned his Bear ranking and will move up to Weebelo this fall.

My First Trip To Church

Mom could not wait to put me in a dress for church!

Avery loves Caleb
And Caleb loves Avery!

Happy Valentines Day!!

We had Valentines pics made this week. Once she woke up, Avery was all smiles.
Wake up Avery. It's time for pictures.

Week of February 4th

I can sit up in my boppy pillow!
I really like looking at my feet!

Avery hates the flash. It is hard to get a picture with her smiling.
David thought she was ready for the excersaucer, but I did not believe him. As usual, he is right and she really likes it. Thanks to Mr. Dave at Chevron for the nice gift!

Update on David

Hi! As most of you know, David had back surgery on Wednesday. I am happy to report we came home yesterday and he is doing great. So far, the nerve pain is gone!! Thanks to everyone for their prayers and thoughts. Please keep us in them as he will be continuing his recovery for six weeks. I will keep you all posted.